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Hi, I am Daya Naef

I am an attorney with 16 years of professional experience including transactions and litigation for clients as a solo and small firm practitioner and as general counsel primarily in New Orleans, LA.

I specialize in Business Development Coaching for lawyers to build their idea practice or portable book of business, while not burning out

  • Business Development for Lawyers

  • Build the Book of Clients

  • Leverage for your next position

  • Make your brand 

  • Career or Practice Focus - defining your niche

  • Collaboration and Origination for wealth building

Unsure if your firm is the right fit for you? Is it you, them? Or are you just tired, or in a rut?

A couple of clarifying conversations can lead you to a better decision for the future of your career!

Are one of these top complaints yours:

  • My firm is too old-fashioned

  • I’m too limited in the matters I can bring in

  • My matters aren’t sexy enough

  • I’m not getting noticed

  • I’ve been passed up for partner too many times

These are the everyday issues for my clients, let’s find a possibility that elevates your career or practice today!

Find out what’s right for you and your career in a 15 Minute call

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