What is The Success Partner?

The Success Partner is a Executive Coaching practice headed by Daya Naef. She has nearly a decade of experience using a variety of techniques to help individuals transform their professional lives and achieve their goals.


Transform your business. 

Your effectiveness as a leader impacts your business, and your career. Great leaders hunger for continuous learning to improve their effectiveness as a leader. The rest take a “learn as I go” approach. Expert coaching is a shortcut to success—a way to unlock your potential, overcome obstacles and bypass others who want to figure it all out on their own. Talent alone won’t get you where you want to go. What’s your plan to become a more effective leader, build better performing teams and stronger leaders?


Transform your career.

Your next career move will cause a chain reaction. Understanding which direction is best for your balance of strengths, skills and interests will make your next position far more fulfilling. If you’re happy, you’re more productive and effective, you’ll progress faster in the company. That leads directly to greater success and higher earning potential. The wrong move often leads to frustration, discontentment and stunted career growth.