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Make your Goals, Make an Impact!


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Whether you’re looking for career advancement, a career change, or  help figuring out how to re-direct your professional goals,  The Success Partner can help you design a plan of action that leads to success.  

Transformation starts with information. Through a series of life coaching sessions or career boot camps, Daya Naef can help you identify your core strengths, unrealized dreams and unmet goals.  Once you have identified these, she will partner with you to create a customized, targeted, action plan directing you towards success.  

  • CUSTOMIZED - One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Daya utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to tailor an action plan that is as unique to your situation and your desired results.

  • TARGETED - Through her years of experience working with top executives in multiple industries, Daya has refined a targeted approach that ensures that you stay focused on results.

  • ACTION PLAN - Your individual goals or desires will be paced according to your time frame and you can decide how many sessions you want to attend with Daya.

Life coaching through The Success Partner can be the catalyst for incredible change, measurable results and long term career satisfaction.

Start your new life today by calling Daya at (504)669-1020.

As your Executive Coach, I work with you to unlock your potential, overcome obstacles and reach your goals.
— Daya Naef