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Daya is an Executive Coach who can help you understand your true potential.

If you are ready to be the CEO of your life and make decisions that will have a direct impact on your career or business, schedule an appointment with Daya today! 

Daya works with a variety of clients:

  • Salespeople who want to stay focused on reaching their targeted quotas.
  • Business owners who are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

  • Anyone facing career changes or career challenges.

  • Entrepreneurs or start ups who want to set goals for growth.

  • Athletes who want to focus on achieving success on or off the field.

  • Retirees who need help starting the second act of their lives.

  • Empty nesters who are looking for a new purpose.

Are you ready to  change the beliefs that may be sabotaging your success or happiness?  

Daya Naef utilizes her skills as an Executive Coach, attorney, mediator and healer to help her clients to design and implement the life they want. She is your partner in success partner - focused on the results and assisting you in getting there. 


Do you want to explore whether Executive Coaching is right for you?  Schedule a one-hour free consultation and Daya will discuss where you want to go and how she can help you get there. 


Daya works with her clients to tailor a plan around their pursuit of specific goals or aspirations.  From business men or women who have a specific goal to retirees or empty-nesters who are re-defining what they should do with their newly found free time,  Daya offers customized plans that are as unique as her clients. 


Have the life that you want - by design. In our telephone or Skype sessions, Daya keeps her clients on track with their goals and helps them blast through whatever is holding them back!

Five steps to SUCCESS mini BOOT CAMP 

Too busy to schedule a one -hour session?  Why not schedule five 30-minute sessions instead.  Schedule a time via phone or Skype and Daya will ensure that you stay focused on attaining your goals. 


A small group coaching course that was designed by lawyers for lawyers.  If you are tired of being out of balance, learn how to make choices that help you to live outside the law.