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I joined Daya’s bootcamp to help me navigate starting a new job. It was great to have support in making the transition, and we spent time both contemplating long term career and life goals, as well as objectives for the next 3-6 months. I hadn’t expected that we would look at big picture goals yet still spend time building good daily habits.
Getting feedback from Daya and the other participants provided some great insights and encouragement.
I highly recommend this program to find a new career direction, to up-level in your career or the time and focus to finally tackle a project that keeps getting put on the back burner! Heather Sunderman -

These are live on Zoom coaching sessions!


Each will be led by a certified coach.

Weekly practice areas are delivered to your inbox, you'll have a group buddy to work with and an individual 15 min call with your coach weekly.

Next cohort starts Tuesday, May 11th. Will run for 7 weeks at Noon ET!

Would you rather have your own group?!! - Absolutely! Great for Mom's groups, Real Estate Teams, MLM Teams, church groups, and more! Contact for more info! 

You can join during the program and get caught up.

We'll be working on individual projects as a group. No idea what your project will be? - not to worry, I'm here to support you on that! 


When you register, we'll have an individual kick-off call of 15 minutes. Some of the projects those who have registered are: getting promoted to VP this year, starting a business on the side to start to be full-time in a year, transitioning from current career to another career in a completely different industry. 

The weeks are broken down:

1- Distilling your Essence & Self Care Part 1
2- Self Care Part 2, Life Purpose
3- Project Design 1
4- Project Design 2
5 - Money
6- Stress Cycles and Time Management
7- Turbo-charging, Completion, and What's Next

Ready to join? Fill out the contact info and you'll get the onboarding info.

The program is just $99 per participant for all registrations through the end of March! #covidrecovery discount!

Put "Women's Group" in the message section of the form below to get started! 

Ready to find out more? 

Thanks for submitting!

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